Our Car Wrap Services In Langley BC

Full Car Wrap Services

Our facility in Langley BC, offers full vinyl car wrap aka colour change wrap offers the utmost customization of vehicles while still retaining the resale value.  Our shop uses the most trusted brands in the vinyl car wrap game: 3M, Avery, and Inozetek.  Trust our Avery Dennison certified car wrap technicians with your vehicle.  Full vehicle wraps start at $2,500.  Vinyl wraps can last up to 5 years if well maintained.

Car wraps Langley BC

Partial Vehicle Car Wrap Services

Our most popular partial vinyl car wrap product at our Langley location is dechroming.  Dechroming aka Blackout Package involves wrapping exterior chrome pieces in black vinyl for a sportier and distinct look.  Monster Auto Lab in Langley BC also offers the option to wrap interior pieces as well.  Partial vinyl car wraps start at $299, while a blackout package averages $749.

Car wraps Langley BC

Commercial Vinyl Car Wrap Services

Let our Langley experts wrap your commercial vehicle for increased exposure and branding.  While decal packages start at $699, we have options to do partial to full print coverage to cover your work vehicle and fleet.Our shop in Langley BC houses a large format printer and laminator to tailor your design needs and brand.

Car wraps Langley BC
Vinyl Wrap Project Quote

Vinyl Wrap Project Quote

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The Advantages Of Car Wraps On Your Vehicle

Whether it’s for protection against scratches or an advertising opportunity for your business, wrapping your car can be a great idea. Car wrapping is a growing industry as more and more people begin to understand the value it can bring to your vehicle, in fact in 2020 the industry was estimated in having a market cap of $4 billion dollars and was expected to grow around 18% from 2021 to 2028. Our experts in Langley BC have years of experience car wrapping vehicles and our team of car wrap experts can help to answer any questions you may have about the process while helping to get your vehicle started with car wrapping as well. For more information on the advantages or disadvantages of car wraps on your vehicle please give our location in Langley BC a call as Monster Auto Lab continues to provide quality car wrap services to all customers in the Langley BC and surrounding area.

Car Wraps Langley BC