Langley Car Wraps

For drivers in Langley, BC, vehicle wraps offer multiple benefits. They can transform your car’s aesthetics without the hefty price of a paint job or serve as a mobile billboard for business promotions. Whatever your purpose, Monster Auto Lab provides comprehensive solutions with our full and partial car wrap services.

Full Car Wrap Services

At our Langley BC location we offer full-service automotive wraps where we will be able recreate your cars image. With our full car wraps you’ll be able to customize the design of your vehicle to meet your exact specifications without affecting your car’s resale value.

Our team at Monster Auto Lab only uses premium materials made by trusted brands like Inozetek, Avery and 3M and with our strong commitment to quality and a dedication to true craftsmanship, we can help you achieve the impressive look and results that you’re searching for.

Monster Auto Lab technicians are Avery Dennison and 3M certified car wrap experts.  We will have your full vehicle wraps done anywhere between three to seven business days. 

Car wraps done at our Langley BC facility can last as long as 2 to 5 years when properly cared for.

Car wraps Langley BC
Car Wraps Langley

Partial Vehicle Car Wrap Services

One of most popular partial wraps known as dechroming is also known as the blackout package and involves wrapping exterior chrome in black vinyl. This treatment will give your car a sleek, sporty and dashing look.

Our Langley team also wraps interior chrome upon request for a finished look both inside and out. 

The time it takes to complete partial vehicle wraps depends on the complexity of the installation. A partial wrap takes less time than a full job. However, it could take longer if you want interior wrapping which may involve a lot more complexities.

Car wraps Langley BC
Vinyl Wrap Project Quote

Vinyl Wrap Project Quote

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See How Our Car Wraps Can Work For You

Besides being way less costly than any automotive paint job in the Langley BC area, a vehicle wrap can benefit you and your automobile in many ways:

● Wraps protect your ride from scratches, bird droppings, rust, dirt and exterior wear and tear.

● Car-wrapping is an up-and-coming automotive service, and we have mastered the science behind the art.

● Our Langley BC team employs seasoned wrap specialists with years of combined experience in the car wrap industry.

● Monster Lab automotive service specialists are always here to chat whenever you have questions.



Contact Monster Auto Lab For Your Car Wrap

As car wraps become more and more popular for all different types and sizes of vehicles it’s important that you don’t miss out on your chance to transform your vehicle as well. Contact our car wrap experts located in Langley BC at Monster Auto Lab as our team is ready and able to help you with all of your car wrap needs. For more information on our car wrapping services please fill out the information found on our contact page and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible. If you’re in need of more immediate service, please call our office in Langley where you will be directly connected with a member of the Monster Auto Lab team.



How Much Is It To Wrap My Whole Car?

Prices vary on size of the vehicle and complexity of the wrap.  For a colour change wrap of the entire vehicle, the price starts at $2500

How Long Does Vinyl Wrap Last?

With great care and maintenance, a vinyl wrap can last 2-7 years. Film manufacturers carry a minimum 2 year warranty on film defects.

Is The Vinyl Wrap Removable?

Yes vinyl wrap is removable but we strongly suggest having a professional remove vinyl wraps.

How Long Does It Take Install A Full Vehicle Wrap?

Depending on the complexity of the installation, most installs for a full vehicle wrap can take 3 to 7 days from start of installation. 


How Can I Prolong The Life Of Vinyl Wrap?
  • Wash your vehicle once a week
  • Use a wax or quick detailing spray after washes
  • Clean bird droppings, insects, gasoline spills, tree sap, grease and other contaminates immediately.  These contaminates will damage the film.
  • UV damage can deteriorate the life of the film so parking in undergrounds and garages will prolong the life.

Never use oil based cleaners or solvents on the film.

When Can I Wash My Car After A Car Wrap?

Please wait 48 hours after picking your vehicle to wash your car.  This allows enough time for the film to cure and settle.

Can I Take My Car Through Automated Car Washes?

We do not recommend taking your vehicle through automated car washes.  Damages from harsh detergents and water pressure will void all warranties.The harsh soaps can deteriorate the film’s finish.

Can I Apply Wax To The Film

We recommend using a quick detailer product to prolong the life of the film.

Can I Pressure Wash My Vehicle?

Please do not use a pressure wash for 48 hours after picking up your vehicle. When using a pressure washer, stay at least 3 ft away from the film’s edges.
The 10 year warranty from lifting is voided if a pressure washer was used too close to the edge.

How I Remove Stubborn Stains? Bird Droppings, Grease, Insects, Etc....

Clean bird droppings and gasoline stains immediately, if not taken care, these will damage the film.  Most soap and water solutions should remove stains but for stubborn stains, we suggest using 70% isopropyl alcohol.  Do not use solvents or oil based cleaning products!