Full Vehicle Wrap

A full vinyl wrap aka colour change wrap offers the utmost customization of vehicles while still retaining the resale value.  Our shop uses the most trusted brands in the vinyl wrap game: 3M, Avery, and Inozetek.  Trust our Avery Dennison certified wrap technicians with your vehicle.  Full vehicle wraps start at $2,500.  Vinyl wraps can last up to 5 years if well maintained.

Partial Vehicle Wrap

Our most popular partial vinyl wrap product is dechroming.  Dechroming aka Blackout Package involves wrapping exterior chrome pieces in black vinyl for a sportier and distinct look.  We can also wrap interior pieces.  Partial vinyl wraps start at $299, while a blackout package averages $749.

Commercial Vehicle Vinyl Wrap

Let us wrap your commercial vehicle for increased exposure and branding.  While decal packages start at $699, we have options to do partial to full print coverage to cover your work vehicle and fleet.Our shop houses a large format printer and laminator to tailor your design needs and brand.

Vinyl Wall Wraps

Wall wraps provides endless design and customization options over traditional paint or wallpaper.  Our business partners use wall wraps for promotional purposes or overall aesthetics in their work environment.  We can help you design and install your idea whether it be interior or exterior walls.

Vinyl Floor Wraps

This wrap is gaining popularity with weddings and corporate events.  Want that custom feel to your event or wedding?  We can provide that service by vinyl wrapping the dance floor at your wedding or corporate event.

Vinyl Wrap Project Quote

Vinyl Wrap Project Quote

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