Ceramic coating Langley BC


A Clear Liquid Nano-Ceramic Coating to Protect Vehicles

Ceramic coating is a clear liquid nano-ceramic coating technology that protects vehicle finishes from contaminants and environmental pollutants. After application, the clear liquid coating infuses the vehicle’s painted surfaces and turns into a hard shell that looks and feels like glass. Thanks to augmented nanotechnology, the hard outer shell dries to a clear transparent finish. Ceramic coatings can give your ride a like-new finish that lasts for years. To learn more about Monster Auto Lab and our cutting-edge ceramic and graphene coatings, reach out to us at our Langley BC facility where a qualified technician can answer all your questions.


Ceramic automotive coatings provide exceptional protection from contaminants in Langley BC that damage exterior vehicle paint. These pollutants are plentiful in the Langley BC area, and they can lodge themselves into the paint’s pores. The impacted dirt can be very difficult to remove. Coated vehicles repel contaminants. Our ceramic coating prevents pollutants from engaging with the paint and damaging its finish.

ceramic coating Langley BC


Ceramic Coating Langley BC

Long Term Enhanced Gloss

Our automotive ceramic coatings will infuse your car with a high-gloss wet finish. The mirror-like exterior and hard reflective surfaces will give your car a commanding presence wherever it goes.

Ceramic Coating Langley BC

Less Automotive Maintenance

The protective ceramic coating gives your car a slick finish that repels pollution and road dirt. It keeps contaminants from penetrating the paint, and it has self-cleaning properties that repel water and dirt. You’ll need fewer trips to the car wash, and you’ll spend less time trying to keep your ride clean.

Ceramic Coating Langley BC

Automotive Paint Protection

Waxes and sealants require constant reapplication, and most people don’t apply them often enough. Ceramic coatings involve no waxes or sealants, and they have been shown to be one of the most effective ways to safeguard and preserve automotive paint.

Ceramic Coating Langley BC

Great Investment

We’ll report to CARFAX that your vehicle was professionally treated with ceramic coating. The automotive protection supplied by ceramic coatings can boost the resale value of your car.

Ceramic Coating Langley BC

Self Healing

Revivify automotive coating products are self-healing. Light scratches disappear when the vehicle is parked in the sun. If there isn’t much sun, treating the surface with a heat gun will accomplish the same thing.


Additional Coverage
  • Paint Correction $400 to $1000
  • Door Jams $350
  • Wheels Off and Calipers $350
  • Interior Coating $500
  • Additional Layer of Coating $250
  • Graphene Coating $300
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For maximum impact, Monster Auto Lab recommends paint correction prior to ceramic coating. An electric polishing machine is used to remove light scratches and blemishes. Paint corrections give us the ability to achieve a nearly perfect finish before we seal it with ceramic coating. Paint corrections at our Langley BC facility cost between $400 and $1,000. The total amount will depend on your car’s color, the condition of its paint and the results you hope to achieve



Here at Monster Auto Lab our goal is to make sure that we provide a quality service to each one of our customers and that includes a fast response time to any inquiries. Once the form below is filled out a team member will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your message; however, for more immediate services please give our team a call using the number found below.

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XPEL Fusion Plus

XPEL is a trusted leader in the paint protection industry. XPEL Fusion Plus comes in a variety of formulations to preserve and improve the appearance of vehicle paint. The technicians at the Langley BC Monster Auto Lab facility are authorized XPEL Fusion Plus, ceramic coating specialists. Just one application treats wheels, calipers, plastics, glass, upholstery, and much more.


REVIVIFY Ceramic and Graphene Coating

At our Langley BC Monster Auto Lab facility, we recommend Revivify ceramic coatings and graphene coatings because of the many benefits they offer. Graphene coatings were developed using ceramic coating technology. Besides being a stronger and more durable coating that’s easier to apply, Revivify and graphene coatings resist water spotting and etching. They also have revolutionary self-healing properties.


Langley BC has warm, mild summers and cold, wet, rainy winters. The weather can take a severe toll on your automobile’s paint, especially if you drive in foul weather and don’t have a garage or a carport. Ceramic coatings provide extra layers of protection that prevent the elements from destroying your car’s finish. The specialists at Monster Auto Lab typically apply ceramic coatings directly after a paint correction. Together, the two services offer the best overall vehicle protection against Langley BC’s harsh winter weather. Learn more about our services and get a free quote. Complete our easy online contact form, and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

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