A Clear Liquid Nano-Ceramic Coating to Protect Vehicles

Ceramic coating is a clear liquid that hardens on to the vehicle’s paint surface to provide an additional layer of coverage.  The hardened layer provides a glass finish with nano technology for added protection and maintenance benefits.


Ceramic coating can be described as another layer of permanent clear coat when applied to the vehicle’s surfaces.  This additional layer provides protection from the environmental elements that can attack and damage the paint.


Long Term Enhanced Gloss

Our 5 year ceramic coating gives your vehicle an incomparable gloss and shine that enhances the colour for years.

Less Maintenance

The nano technology behind Ceramic Coating gives your vehicle a slick finish resistant to dirt and pollutants from embedding into the paint.  It’s also hydrophobic: water and dirt will repel with self cleaning properties.

Paint Protection

Protect your paint and surfaces from environmental elements, contaminants, and light scratches.

Great Investment

Increase your vehicles resale value!  We can update your vehicle’s carfax to show it was ceramic coated by professionals.

Self Healing

Our Revivify Coating products have self healing capabilities.  Light scratches can heal by just leaving the vehicle in the sun or with a heat gun.


Additional Coverage
  • Paint Correction $400 to $1000
  • Door Jams $350
  • Wheels Off and Calipers $350
  • Interior Coating $500
  • Additional Layer of Coating $250
  • Graphene Coating $300
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Paint Correction

We highly recommend a paint correction before applying ceramic coating.  The process includes using an electric polish machine to cut the vehicle’s clear coating and thus removing light scratches and imperfections.  A paint correction prepares the paint to a near perfect finish before sealing it with ceramic coating.  The cost of a paint correction varies from $400 to $1000 and will depend on the vehicle’s colour, paint condition, and expected results.


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Ceramic Coating Quote

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XPEL Fusion Plus

XPEL is a trusted leader in paint protection starting with their industry leading paint protection film product and now XPEL Fusion Plus ceramic coating.  We are an authorized XPEL Fusion Plus ceramic coating installer.


REVIVIFY Ceramic and Graphene Coating

We carry Revivify Ceramic Coating and Graphene Coating products because they’ve revolutionized the coating industry with their self healing coatings.