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Auto Service and Repair FAQ

Paint Protection Film FAQ

Paint Protection Film After Care

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Auto Service and Repair FAQ

How much is your shop rate?

Our shop rate is $99 in comparison to $130 to $160 at neighbouring service centers.

Where is the shop?

We are located in the heart of Langley along the Langley bypass.  Our location is central and includes neighbours such as BMW Langley, Audi Langley, Land Rover Langley, and Mercedes Langley.

How do I know I'm not getting ripped off?

Monster Auto Lab believes in building a continued relationship with customers.  As a result, we walk our customers through the service process of their vehicle step by step and only starting any step with the customers’ approval.  We use industry standard time estimates for each labour job.

How much is it to diagnose an issue?

Diagnosing a problem with your vehicle can start at $99.

What vehicles does this shop specialize in?

We have the capabilities to work on all vehicles but if we were to pick on one make that we have experience with, it’s Audi.

Do you offer a courtesy car?

While we do not offer a courtesy car, we have a cozy waiting room or we can shuttle you to nearby locations such as Willowbrook Mall.

XPEL Paint Protection Film FAQ

How much does paint protection cost?

The cost varies for all vehicles due to factors such as size and complexity of install.Partial front end packages start at $999 and full front end packages start at $1799.

What does the 10 year Xpel warranty cover?

The 10 year warranty includes that the film is free of manufacturer defects for 10 years.  It covers defects such as cracking, yellowing, delaminating, blistering, and staining.

Will the paint protection film yellow?

We warranty the film from yellowing for 10 years from the installation date.

Does the film really self heal from scratches?

The film can heal from minor scratches.The top coat is 13 microns thick so any scratches that penetrate the top coat won’t heal.

Does the paint protection film prevent rock chips?

The main purpose of paint protection film is to protect your paint from minor scratches and most rock chips but it cannot protect from rocks coming at your vehicle with immense force.

Can I purchase a precut PPF kit?

Yes we will sell precut PPF kits to customers across Canada but it does not carry the 10 year warranty as it wasn’t installed by an authorized Xpel dealer.

Can I protect my interior pieces with paint protection film?

Yes, we can apply paint protection film to most painted surfaces and interior like touchscreens.

Can paint protection film install on to boats, airplanes, and motorcycles?

Yes we can install paint protection film on most smooth painted surfaces including signs.
For airplanes, please check with manufacturers of the airplanes for their guidelines on weight and balance with PPF installed.

Can paint protection film install over ceramic coating?

No we do not recommend installing paint protection film on a surface with ceramic coating

How about adding ceramic coating on top of paint protection film?

Yes this is a popular package for the ultimate protection of your vehicle.

Will the paint protection film harm the paint during removal?

No if the paint is factory paint.
We do not warranty paint lifting from removal if it was applied on re-painted surfaces.

XPEL Paint Protection Film After Care

Can I take my vehicle through an automated car wash?

Please do not take your vehicle through an automated car wash unless its been 48 hours since picking up your vehicle.  The time will allow the film more time to heal before taking it through an automated car wash.

Can I pressure wash my vehicle?

Please do not use a pressure wash for 48 hours after picking up your vehicle.  When using a pressure washer, stay at least 1 foot away from the film’s edges.
The 10 year warranty from lifting is voided if a pressure washer was used too close to the edge.

How do I remove stubborn stains?

Most soap and water solutions should remove stains but for stubborn stains, we suggest using 70% isopropyl alcohol.

How does the self healing feature work?

Most light scratches will heal in room temperature in about 30 minutes. In colder environments, pour warm water (48°C) over the desired areas.

How do I make a warranty claim?

The warranty process starts with the installer so please bring your vehicle in for us to check it out and we can go from there.

Vinyl Wrap FAQ

How much is it to wrap my whole car?

Prices vary on size of the vehicle and complexity of the wrap.For a colour change wrap of the entire vehicle, the price starts at $2500

How long does Vinyl Wrap last?

With great care and maintenance, a vinyl wrap can last 5-7 years

How long does it take install a full vehicle wrap?

Depending on the complexity of the project, most installs for a full vehicle wrap can take 3 to 7 days from start of installation.

Is the vinyl wrap removable?

Yes vinyl wrap is removable but we strongly suggest having a professional remove vinyl wraps.

Performance FAQ

Will you install customer supplied parts?

Yes we install customer supplied parts but do not warranty the part or guarantee fitment.

How long does it take to receive shipment for custom performance parts?

If our warehouse has it instock, it usually takes 1-2 business days.
Let us know what you’re looking for and we can provide better estimates.

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