Protect Your Investment with Paint Protection Film for Rivian R1S and R1T

Introduction Investing in a Rivian truck is not just a purchase; it’s a statement of style, utility, and innovation. With its cutting-edge design and impressive capabilities, your Rivian truck deserves the best in protection to keep its pristine appearance intact for years to come. That’s where our XPEL Paint Protection Film comes in. In this […]

What Is Ceramic Coating?

What Is Ceramic Coating? Ceramic coating is an added layer of protection that gives your car’s exterior resilience for years. Applied by hand with professional care, ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that covers the car’s paint. It blends with your car’s color and protects against the most common hazards. UV rays, water, and air […]

Is Paint Protection Film Worth It?


It’s always a good move to invest in protecting something valuable. That’s certainly the case with cars, particularly with their paint. The appearance of your vehicle is always under attack from weather, sun, and road debris. There are countless options on the market for protecting the paint on your vehicle, including paint protection film. Before […]

How Long Do Car Wraps Last?

Car Wrap

How long do car wraps last? It is essential to exam this question, especially if you are interested in covering your vehicle. It is important to get a closer look at the composition of car wraps, the advantages that they bring to vehicles, and the amount of time that they will stay looking good. At […]

Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating

So you just bought a new car and want to keep it looking brand new everyday?  First step is to protect that paint so you hop online and you’ll narrow your two options down to ceramic coating and paint protection film.  Both of these options carry a high price tag so which should you go […]