Tesla Car Wrap Cost

Should I Get My Tesla Wrapped?

You finally pulled the trigger, embraced the electric car, and bought yourself that Tesla. Odds are good that when it came time to pick the color for your shiny new toy, were left less than impressed with the options. Your standard Tesla models only offers five colors and none of them are exactly jaw-dropping options. In fact, you wouldn’t be stretching the truth to say that those options fall distinctly into the category of Bland. Now, if you actually like the color you got on your new Tesla, there’s no need for a car wrap. If you didn’t like the color options and just settled on one, then getting a car wrap makes a lot of sense. After all, almost no one buys a Tesla to look bland and blend in with all the other Teslas. You can get car wrapping in just about any color you want. Plus, wrap options include satin, gloss, and matte finishes. Beyond that, you can get color flips and even textures in your wrap. If you want your car to come with a bit more personality than bland white, wrapping is practical and a visually striking option.

What Is the Cost of Car Wrapping My Tesla?

The next question any Tesla owner is going to ask is how much that car wrap is going to hurt their wallet. As natural as the question may be, it’s not a question for which you should expect easy answers. Your location will play a huge role in how much you end up paying for a car wrap. Also, bear in mind that less expensive doesn’t always translate into a better deal in the long term. Companies that charge less must do more work to make the same amount of money. That can turn into pushing employees to finish work as fast as possible. That often means that work quality suffers because employees can’t take the time to do top-shelf work on your new car wrap. What you save on cost you often pay for in reduced longevity and damage to your vehicle. You’ll need to contact a reputable local car wrap service that offers Tesla wrapping to find out exactly what you’re looking at in terms of the overall cost.

Where Can I Have My Tesla Car Wrapped?

Getting a car wrap for a Tesla isn’t like getting one for a Nissan or a BMW. It’s a
specialty service, which means a lot fewer businesses are doing it. The good news is that you can probably find a place that does it within a reasonable distance from your home. At the very least, you can probably find a place in your home state or province such as Monster Auto Lab in Langley BC which provides some of the most quality Tesla wrapping services in the area. For more information give our team a call today or contact us through our website.

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