The Cost of a Ceramic Coating for Your Tesla

Should I Get a Ceramic Coating on My Tesla?

The best way to protect your Tesla from aesthetic damage is to shield its original finish from environmental hazards. The factory finish on a Tesla is known for being “soft” and susceptible to dings and fading, but a ceramic coating can help keep your car looking shiny and new. A ceramic coating creates a semi-permanent hard shell that safeguards its original clear coat. Road salt, bird droppings, and exhaust fumes can cause acidification, discoloration, and permanent staining when they react with your Tesla’s original exterior pigments. Ceramic has a slick surface that keeps mud, insects, and debris from marking, scratching, or adhering to your car. Unlike wax, a ceramic coating cannot be washed away. The optically clear liquid polymer chemically bonds to paint substrates to create durable, long-lasting protection. Silica-based nanoparticles fill the microscopic gaps in your Tesla’s finish to create a layer of protection that can last for years. Ceramic coatings are hydrophobic and also act as a barrier against oxidation and ultraviolet rays. They make regular maintenance easier and save you the cost of washing and waxing.

What Is the Cost of Tesla Ceramic Coating?

The cost of a professionally-applied ceramic coating depends on the size and condition of your Tesla. The time, labor, and expertise required to do the job factor into the price. Applying a ceramic finish is a multi-step process. Most formulations are viscous liquids that include resins, solvents, and various additives that start to cure when they interact with moisture in the air. The coating may be dry-to-touch within hours, but it could take time to reach its maximum hardness. Even at full hardness, ceramic coatings can be scratched and are not completely impervious to dings, so it’s important that they cure
completely. Before treating your Tesla, highly skilled specialists will prepare the paint surface. This may include rubbing your Tesla with a clay bar, spraying it with isopropyl alcohol, and polishing it to prepare it for the coating. Although do-it-yourself products exist, mistakes come at a high cost. A botched treatment could diminish your car’s value by making existing imperfections permanent. Hazing, streaks, and high spots may be difficult or impossible to repair. An auto care professional may be able to mitigate the damage, but overall, the cost of a ceramic finish will be less if it is properly applied the first time. Many specialized full-service car shops and auto spas provide ceramic coating services. Look for a highly regarded shop that provides service you can trust and has experience detailing high-end vehicles.

Where Can I Get Ceramic Coating for My Tesla?

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