Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating
So you just bought a new car and want to keep it looking brand new everyday?  First step is to protect that paint so you hop online and you’ll narrow your two options down to ceramic coating and paint protection film.  Both of these options carry a high price tag so which should you go with? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of both ceramic coating and PPF (clear bra) first.  

Paint Protection Film Pros and Cons


XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF



  • Protects against most rock chips with less force (more details here)
  • 10 year warranty on the film (more details here)
  • Self healing properties means minor scratches and surface damage will correct itself with light heat


  • Protecting the entire vehicle can cost upwards of $5,000
  • The outside edge of the film is visible from 1 foot away

Ceramic Pro Coating



  • Ease of maintenance with hydrophobic quality.  Washing your car after ceramic coating can be done with just a hose and light wipe down to dry.
  • Varying warranty length depending on the amount of coats and hardness applied
  • Cheaper than clear bra for full vehicle package


  • Doesn’t protect as well against rock chips and scratches compared to Xpel PPF
  • Less warranty duration than film
  • Removal is performed with wet sanding


Cost is the biggest decision maker for these products.  Due to the various packages of ceramic coating and PPF and size of vehicles, we’ll try to keep it all consistent in this analysis.  We’ll use a subcompact car for cost examples.

Paint Protection Film Cost

The PPF cost for an entry package is a partial front end protection package.  This protects the following body parts, quarter of the hood and fenders, full bumper, and side mirror.  The cost of the partial front end package is typically $1,000.    

Ceramic Coating Cost

The entry level package for ceramic coating is a 1 layer coat and this is applied on all painted surfaces.  1 layer of ceramic coating should last for 3 years.  

Thoughts On Ceramic Coating vs Paint Protection Film

After reviewing all of that info, we recommend adding both packages to your vehicle and here’s how.  Our suggestion is to opt for a full front end paint protection film package and the standard ceramic pro coating.  This package will set you back $3000 but you’ll get the ultimate protection to keep your vehicle looking brand new.  Remember to have the clear bra installed first before applying ceramic coating. 

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